Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones Against the High Cost of Dengue with DengueCARE

With the rainy season upon us, water-borne diseases are expected to be on the rise. 

The Department of Health enumerates the diseases that could potentially harm you or your loved ones during the wet season; the list includes diarrhea, typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis, malaria, and the most common illness, dengue.

That is what we’re going to focus on in this article: how to protect yourself from the high cost of dengue fever. 

While we can take all the necessary precautions such as using insect repellents or regular cleaning, we won’t be able to ensure complete safety. This is why having a health plan that can cover emergencies, hospitalizations, and in-patient and outpatient care is ideal. 

Here, we’ll go over an insurance plan that provides cash assistance for dengue patients–DengueCARE.

What is DengueCARE?

DengueCARE is an insurance plan offered by PGA Sompo in response to the recent dengue outbreak. It provides protection and financial assistance for you and your family to cover the high cost of Dengue-related hospital confinement and accidental death. 

You may choose your DengueCARE package between Budget at P299 and Basic at P399. Budget policyholders are entitled to P10,000 lump sum medical cash assistance to help with their medical expenses, even if the condition does not require confinement. While Basic policyholders will receive P12,000.

In case of death due to Dengue, the insured or declared beneficiary will receive P10,000 in principal sum for the Budget plan and P12,000 for the Basic plan. 

Frequently asked questions about DengueCARE

  1. What is the age requirement for DengueCARE application? 
  • 1 day old to 70 years old. 
  1. What are the claims requirements needed to get the cash benefit? 
  1. Dengue NS1 Antigen Test Result (with Laboratory Name and contact number, licensed attending Medical Technologist & Pathologist) 
  2. Medical Certificate of attending physician with diagnosis. 
  3. Official receipts of the dengue confirmatory test done.
  1. Will I still receive the benefit even if PhilHealth and health card already covered my expenses? 
  • Yes, because the product is Cash Assistance.
  1. Can I transfer my benefit to a family member? 
  • Unfortunately, the coverage is non-transferable 
  1. Will I still get covered if I applied for the insurance with an existing Dengue illness? 
  • No, the applicant must be in good health, must not have the signs and symptoms of Dengue, and must not be diagnosed with Dengue at the time of application. 
  1. How to claim the cash benefit? 
  • Email all the claims requirements to PGASIC Cash benefit will be deposited to the claimant or beneficiary’s bank account. 
  1. What is the citizenship eligibility to get the insurance? 
  • Individuals residing in the Philippines that have not lived outside the Philippines for more than 3 consecutive months for the whole year. 
  1. How can I pay online? 
  • To provide better service to customers and clients, PGA Sompo is utilizing more online payment channel options. Ensuring a fast, smooth, and more secured checkout process. Here are the modes of payment available:
  • Pay by credit and debit card: VISA, Mastercard 
  • Pay by bank account and net banking: BPI 
  • PayCash OTC Bank payment partners: RCBC, BDO 
  • PayCash OTC Non-bank payment partners: Bayad center ECPay 
  • Other payment channels: GCash, GrabPay 
  1. What are the guidelines for a 15-day waiting period? 
  • If the person already bought the policy without Dengue, the waiting period should be applied. But if the person was not able to utilize the insurance and already repurchased, the waiting period will be waived. 
  1. What is the information needed for a death benefit? 
  • In case of death claims, cash assistance will be given to the beneficiary of the insured. 

DengueCare is readily available via online selling platforms Lazada, Shopee, and Sompony Messenger. You may also check-out eComparemo to purchase the DengueCARE prepaid health card directly. 

If you want to get insured today, simply follow these three easy steps: choose a plan, fill out the form, and your Certificate of Coverage (COC) will be sent to confirm activation of your chosen plan. It’s easy, secure, and affordable!
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