Nothing To Do This Weekend Before Payday? Try These Fun-Filled Activities Even Without Shelling Out Big Time

Gone are the days where people merely stay at home during the weekends, enjoying quality time with the family without the need to go out and spend a hefty sum on malls, restaurants, and other places. Nowadays, it seems that people have equated money with happiness, making them embrace the mentality that the more you spend, the happier you become. Fortunately, you can avoid this case this weekend as we show you that it is still possible to have fun even if payday is still a week away.

Home fitness

Admit it: a lot of us are having a hard time finding the moment to exercise. With our busy lives being overwhelmed by work and other activities, we tend to lose time to stay in shape and burn off the excess calories brought by our unhealthy lifestyle. This weekend, you might want to start a new weekend habit that will give you the body you desire; no need to enroll to posh gyms to be in good shape. All you need is determination and lots of water. You can browse the internet for good at-home routines and watch instructional videos on how to correctly execute them. Use the power of the internet to get fit and fab, not just for cat videos and productivity killer websites. Routines like yoga, zumba, CrossFit, and others can be easily found online.

Indoor picnic

In the old days, people go to parks and riverside with their families for a Sunday picnic, a tradition long gone due to the loss of public green spaces as well as polluted environment. While the idea of reviving this whole picnic culture is as exciting as it sounds, it may be difficult to find the place and time to do it; not to mention that you have to have money to prepare for the food, transportation, and other expenses. However, you can still relive the good old days in your home. Instead of going outdoors however, you can just create a picnic-style chow in your own home; complete with the mat and the basket and other props that can make it more authentic.

Game time

They say that the moment you lose your passion to play game, whether in real life of digital, you are losing the life in you that makes you youthful. While you think playing games is a bit childish, it may be time to reconnect with your inner child and play games. If you feel like staying indoors, games like Scrabble, Jenga, Uno, and other tabletop games can be a fun-filled activity for everyone. Also, don’t forget that video games also count as an indoor activity you can do, especially if you have a gaming system in your home. Awaken the kid in you again and play games this weekend.

Spring cleaning

Some cleaning rituals are required daily: sweeping the floor, dusting furniture, keeping the toilet and bath squeaky clean—these are all activities that can be done everyday. However, some cleaning tasks like taking out trash hidden deep in your closet may not be in your priority list. For instance, it’s about time you take out your old clothes and donate them, do a little spring cleaning in your own closet. You can also start rearranging your home layout and give your room a nice facelift. You can also use this opportunity to declutter your storage area and get rid of the items that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Doing some major overhaul in your home can become mentally liberating.

Weekends need not be expensive; sometimes, you just need to find which activities can be done without shelling out cash. Just think of something creative, productive, and cheap and you’re all set!

Happy weekend!