Cost Of Mitsubishi Car Insurance In The Philippines

Wondering how much is the cost to insure a Mitsubishi car? The lowest annual insurance premium cost per Mitsubishi model ranges from ₱8,000 to ₱65,000 based on its series, model, and year released.

As we know, car insurance in the Philippines, Compulsory Third-Party Liability in particular, is required by the law. It will protect you and your loved ones from unwanted incidents on the road. However, the premium rates vary and may add to our usual expenses.

To give you a better understanding of the price of insuring a Mitsubishi car in the Philippines, check out the annual insurance premiums for each model and year below. This can help you choose the best option for your budget.

Affordable Mitsubishi Annual Premium Cost Per Model And Year

Mitsubishi Model Series Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost
Mirage 2019 1.2 GLX Gas Manual Transmission Hatchback 5-seater P14,564.96
1.2 GLX Gas Automatic Transmission Hatchback 5-seater P15,686.01
Mirage G4 2019 1.2 GLX Gas Manual Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater P15,260.79
1.2 GLX Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater P16,246.54
Lancer 2013 1.6 GLX Gas Manual Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater P7,363.54
Lancer EX 2015 EX 1.6 GLX Gas Manual Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater P10,855.14
EX 1.6 GLX Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Sedan 5-seater P11,154.42
Lancer Evolution X 2013 Evolution X 2.0 MR Gas Automatic Transmission AWD Sedan 5-seater P8,386.08
Eclipse 2013 2.4 Silver Edition Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Coupe 4-seater P12,148.90
Fuzion 2015 2.4 GLX Gas Automatic Transmission RWD MPV 7-seater P10,455.24
ASX 2013 2.0 GLX Gas Manual Transmission FWD Crossover 5-seater P9,778.89
ASX 2018 2.0 GLS Gas Automatic Transmission FWD Crossover 5-seater P19,670.51
Xpander 2019 1.5 GLX Gas Manual Transmission FWD MPV 7-seater P18,977.25
1.5 GLX Plus Gas Automatic Transmission FWD MPV 7-seater P20,346.86
Adventure 2017 2.5 TX Diesel Manual Transmission RWD AUV 5-seater P10,032.53
L200 2019 2.5 Cab Chassis Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Pick Up 3-seater single aircon P15,646.23
New Strada 2019 2.4 GLX Plus Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Pick Up 5-seater P21,868.65
2.4 GLX Plus Diesel Automatic Transmission RWD Pick Up 5-seater P23,052.26
Montero Sport 2019 2.4 GLX Diesel Manual Transmission RWD SUV 7-seater P27,448.54
2.4 GLS Diesel Automatic Transmission RWD SUV 7-seater P31,337.55
Pajero 2019 3.2 GLS Diesel Automatic Transmission AWD SUV 7-seater P50,106.26
3.2 GLS Diesel Automatic Transmission AWD SUV 7-seater (Warm White Mica) P50,444.44
L300 2016 2.5 Versa Van Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Van 12-seater P10,793.42
L300 Exceed 2018 Exceed 2500cc Cab Chassis Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Cab & Chassis 3-seater P10,962.51
L300 Deluxe 2018 Deluxe 250cc Cab Chassis Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Cab & Chassis 3-seater P10,708.88
Canter 2019 3.0 FE71 Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Cab Chassis 3-seater 4-wheeler/10 feet P25,926.75
F1 2019 1823R Diesel Manual Transmission RWD Cab Chassis Medium Duty 3-seater, 6-wheeler .18 Ton P53,318.93

Please note that all are affixed with comprehensive car insurance with Acts of Nature that you may alter based on your needs.

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1. Mirage 2019

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱14,564.96

This season’s update made this in-demand model sportier than ever with revamped headlights complementing a chrome-framed grille.

Not to be left out is its interior that now boasts a seven-inch touchscreen with (Global Positioning System) GPS navigation system.

2. Mirage G4

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱15,686.01

A more matured version of the Mirage, this sedan offers a longer wheelbase plus a spacious trunk perfect for a family’s first car.

In addition, its most outstanding feature is its fuel-efficient 1.2-liter, three-cylinder MIVEC engine proven to deliver a good ride.

3. Lancer 2013

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱7,363.54

2013’s Lancer was revitalized with a broader hood, rear deck, a body kit and an impressive 18-inch (Grand Theft Auto) GTA wheels making this beloved model a beast when driven.

Inside, black dominates the cabin equipped with a (Digital Versatile Disc) DVD touchscreen, a GPS and backing up camera providing users convenience.

4. Lancer EX 2015

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱10,855.14

Strikingly appealing with its jet-inspired face that compliments the (High-Intensity Discharge) HID headlights for the MX variant and Multi-Reflector Halogen Headlamps for the GLX release, the Lancer EX for 2015 is a sight to behold on the road.

To go with its vibe, a Multimedia Entertainment System featuring a tuner, online music connectivity, and a DVD will keep you amused while inside this sporty vehicle.

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5. Lancer Evolution X 2013

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱8,386.08

The 2013 Evo utilizes a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder intercooled and turbocharged engine capable of producing an astounding 291 horsepower with 300 lb. ft of torque.

In addition, it is packed with amazing features such as Brembo brakes, Recaro seats, aluminum pedals, driver’s knee airbag, keyless entry, etc. meant to go with its athletic and luxurious vibe.

6. Eclipse 2013

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱12,148.90

Considered to be one of this company’s most attractive two-door coupes, the Eclipse’s sleek styling can standout against newer releases available today.

Its curved roof goes well with the broad front grille highlighting the ever-relevant dark argent SE graphics, wheel finish and “Kalapana Black” side mirrors.

Safety is also well thought of as it has Active Stability Control, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Brake Override Logic and an Anti-lock Brake System.

7. Fuzion 2015

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱10,455.24

The Fuzion was the automobile company’s answer to the growing demand of Compact Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) nationwide.

With this, it offers generous headroom and legroom that can fit seven full-grown adults. The second row is foldable that offers more space while the third is the ideal seat for children due to its secure location.

8. ASX 2013

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱9,778.89

The ASX maybe one of the smallest SUV in this company’s lineup, but it can exceed expectations offering a good balance between comfort and control.

Its cabin, adorned with interior fabrics, chrome highlights and versatile plastic accents, is surprisingly large for a compact car and can accommodate four adults.

In terms of performance on the road, ride comfort is brought about by it’s 2.0 naturally aspirated, four-cylinder engine.

9. ASX 2018

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱19,670.51

Modern and stylishly enticing on the road, one of ASX’s most appealing part is its “Dynamic Shield Concept” fascia highlighted with a front grille and High-Intensity Discharge HID headlights.

Inside, it has a panoramic glass roof equipped with (Light Emitting Diode) LED illumination that brightens up its spacious cabin with top-of-the-line leather seats.

Road performance is also outstanding as it is powered by a Euro-4 compliant 2.0-liter four 16 valve DOHC engine with MIVEC.

10. Xpander 2019

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱18,977.25

With a towering height of 4475mm and a width of 1750mm, the Mitsubishi Xpander is considered the mightiest of all SUVs and MPVs existing today.

In addition, it has a 2275mm wheelbase enabling a stable speed and efficient ride with some the best shock absorbers available to protect you from bumps in the road.

The inside of this mighty four-wheeled automobile is spacious and graciously packed with charging ports, added aircon vents, and a seven-inch touchscreen display providing you comfort throughout your whole ride.

11. Adventure 2017

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱10,032.53

Known for its classic and simple appeal, the Adventure 2017 still attract buyers searching for a decent car that can exceed expectations.

The inside exudes a relaxing vibe due to its color scheme highlighted with aluminum accents throughout the cabin.

Useful add-ons like storage trays, cup holders, grab handle glove box, and the likes are ideal for families or groups on a long drive.

In terms of safety, it is affixed with three-point seatbelts, side-impact beams, and childproof locks.

12. L200 2019

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱15,646.23

This season’s release excites loyal fans as they consider it to be its most successful revamp since it was first introduced in the Philippines.

Still boasting a muscular body and wide a load bed, it’s now decorated with perfectly carved bonnet lines suited for its modern theme.

13. New Strada 2019

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱21,868.65

As Mitsubishi’s most successful mid-sized truck, the Strada got a well-deserved improvement such as a Dynamic Shield Interior that suits it more chiseled figure.

Performance-wise, it is meant to smoothly pass any road imperfections and can power through shallow rivers, mountainous paths, and the likes with its 2.4 liter, 4 inline Clean diesel with Variable Geometry Turbo and (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control System) MIVEC engine.

14. Montero Sport 2019

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱31,337.55

Another receiver of the “Dynamic Shield” grille aimed to introduce this brand’s upcoming modernized fleets, the Montero Sport’s updated version showcases gleaming LED head and tail lights, fog lamps, etc. all complimenting its sturdy body.

In terms of safety, you are guaranteed a secure journey with its (Supplemental Restraint System) SRS airbags, Blind Spot Warning System, Hill Start Assist, Forward Collision Mitigation System, and Mitsubishi Active Stability.

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15. Pajero 2019

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱50,106.26

If you want an SUV respected worldwide for its style and power, consider the popular Pajero that can comfortably carry seven passengers inside its modernly decorated cabin designed with black, silver and carbon fiber.

For your driving pleasure, it is fitted with a five-speed automatic transmission with Supertronic and Superselect 4WD and is loaded with useful safety features such as ABS with electronic brake-force distribution, rear parking sensors, immobilizer, and the likes.

16. L300 2016

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱10,793.42

In collaboration with trusted Filipino motor parts makers Metro Truck Builders Inc., Almazora Motors Corporation, and Centro Manufacturing Corporation that built its back end, 2016’s L300 is one of the company’s most in-demand and versatile model that can transport both goods and people.

It can accommodate 15 to 17 passengers with its long vinyl seats than can be folded providing a generous space for mid-sized cargos.

17. L300 Exceed 2018

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱10,962.51

Not only is this vehicle known for being multipurpose, but the L300 Exceed 2018’s engine is also noteworthy because of its engine.

It is powered by a diesel Euro-2 compliant engine which emits reduced carbon dioxide and other harmful elements that cause environment and health damage.

Additionally, with its overall length and height of 4100 x 1695 that perfectly compliments its capacity of 1045 payload, you can rely upon on it to deliver doing any task whether for leisure or business.

18. Canter 2019

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱25,926.75

Ever efficient with its payload capacity of up to 5,590 kg, the Canter is a top choice for businesses looking for a vehicle that can perform more than what is expected.

In addition, with its shift to Euro 4, this light-duty truck has cleaner emissions leading to higher engine output, while the Realized Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) on its cab and chassis structure ensures strengthened protection for both passengers and its load while driving.

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19. FI 2019

Lowest Annual Insurance Premium Cost: ₱53,318.93

For those needing a powerful workhorse that can carry loads of up to 8,060 kg, go with the revitalized Fuso FI powered with the EURO IV compliant 4D37 3.9-liter diesel engine.

In terms of safety, it comes with wide halogen lamps affixed with manual headlamp leveler useful when driving at night, while its full air/pneumatic brakes provide dependable braking system when driving in challenging, slanted highways.

With all these options, we highly suggest you choose a model that is ideal to your lifestyle bearing a convenient insurance cost as this is not the only expense that comes along with having your personal mode of transportation.

Lastly, it is highly advisable to visit known and secure online sites containing the best comparison of Mitsubishi vehicle insurance fees from reputable companies.