INFOGRAPHIC: Mediocre vs. Achiever: The Great Distinction

What we do is what define us as people, as individuals. Yet our goals are all set in one direction – to be successful in life. In plotting and working your way in this race, you better assess yourself; are you a mediocre or an achiever?

Differences Between Successful People & Ordinary People

Mediocre vs. Achiever: The Great Distinction

  • 1) Ordinary people talk about other people. Successful people talk about ideas.

    Gossiping is a favorite past time for many. Ordinary people busy themselves discussing other people’s lives because they are jealous of the success they have no grasp at. Some even step on other people’s toes just to make themselves feel superior.

    On the other hand, successful people only exchange ideas that could contribute to their growth, may it be personal or professional. They believe that talking about other people’s lives is a waste of time, as they are too focused on improving their own. They don’t judge others because they are focused on analyzing themselves.

  • 2) Ordinary people hate to fail. Successful people dare to fail.

    All of us are afraid of downfalls, thinking how difficult it is to get back on our feet. Some people may even sulk for some time and dwell on the hard situation.

    Successful people are constructive when some fiasco interferes. They view their success as an experiment, and failing is necessary to attain the results they want. They see failure as part of the process to improve their lives and to achieve their goals.

  • 3) Ordinary people makes alibis. Successful people allots time.

    One of the reasons why ordinary people can’t get a cut of achievement is because they always have excuses. Ordinary people will say they have no time or fit a task into their schedule.

    On the contrary, success people make time for the matters important to them. They are masters of their own time and plot them wisely to ensure no time is wasted. They are driven to accomplish their goals and duties on a specific period.

  • 4) Ordinary people live according to societal norms. Successful people have their own.

    Norms are social constructs designed to regulate people’s beliefs and actions. Because the society established a particular standard, ordinary people limit their thoughts and decisions. Sadly, this result people to act based on what others deem is right. And so they seek approval.

    Successful people, on the contrary, create their own path. They are open to exploring ways how to live and use ways of their own to attain their aim. This may seem unconventional for many, but this is a path to raise the bar.

  • 5) Ordinary people like to get immediate rewards. Successful people wait for what’s bigger.

    Like a child, we all want to be rewarded for the job well done. In every accomplishment, we like to celebrate and gratify ourselves. Ordinary people prefer to savor the result of their effort immediately and spend their gains on petty things.

    Successful people, however, believe in waiting for the right time to have a grasp of utmost pleasure. They settle only for bigger plans and fulfill them to celebrate bigger, too.

Life is too short to play the role of an Average Joe. Remember that success has no room for mediocrity. Step up your game and sustain greatness in your life!