How To Book Cheap Flights In The Philippines

Real travel junkies are masters at booking cheap flights. You know you’re one when you feel a sudden thud in your heart whenever you receive “seat sale” and “piso fare” announcements from airlines. Or rather, you’re way ahead of the pack and sense promo fares from airmiles away.

However, if you think you still have so much to learn when it comes to snagging promo fares, here are five hacks on how you can score cheap flights all year round.

Hack No. 1: Work out your itineraries ahead of time

Booking your plane tickets may be just a click away, but paying those endless flights can give you months and even years of burden. To prevent having a load of bills to settle, you must do things smarter to enjoy a worry-free travel.

How To Book Cheap Flights

Always keep in mind that planned trips are way better than those impromptu sprees. It can cost you additional pesos, which can be comparable to two or three different scheduled trips.

Hack No. 2: Get yourself up-to-date with the hottest fare promos

Imagine yourself as an obsessed lover. Stalk various airlines, especially those budget-friendly ones.

Bookmark different travel accounts or download their apps on your mobile phones. You can also subscribe to their newsletters to get notifications whenever there’s any deals going on.

You can also enroll yourself on credit cards which offer rewards for frequent flyers like you. You will never know what your next destination has in store for you.

Hack No. 3: Be an expert at private browsing

Sudden surge on your ticket price? You are probably not browsing on private mode.

Airline websites can see your visits and can even anticipate that you’re willing to spend additional pesos to score that certain flight. Prices will surge as they trace your site visits.

To ensure that you are getting the best and the cheapest airline tickets, try going incognito when searching for flights. Just click Ctrl or Command (for Apple OS) + Shift + N (Google Chrome), Ctrl or Command (for Apple OS) + Shift + P (Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge) or simply select “ Private Browsing “ in the menu bar of Safari. This way, you’ll get unlimited browsing for your flight of choice without the airfare surge.

Hack No. 4: Don’t travel when you’re free, travel when it’s cheap

Most of us tend to travel during the holidays and long weekends. If you are a thrifty traveler, you will know that traveling during those dates will not only cost you more money but will also welcome you to crowded tourists’ spots.

As much as possible, when choosing your travel dates, try flying during weekdays. Tickets during that time are less expensive. Avoid choosing dates that fall on holidays. This is when airfare prices are usually higher, far surpassing the regular rates.

Hack No. 5: Don’t travel in bulk

Most of us believe that travelling in groups will cost us less money. Yes it’s true, but not in the case of finding cheap flights.

More often than not, airlines narrow down the number of seat sales for every flight. You don’t want to be stealing those seats from one another. Better yet, anticipate seat sales, and be the early bird so you can sure catch the early worms.

Travelling with cheap flights will not make you a poor traveler, but a wiser and wealthier one. So, what are you waiting for? Get those suitcases rolling and book your next flight now that you know better!

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