How Do You Stay Healthy And Protected This Rainy Season?

This rainy season, no one is immune; even people with healthy lifestyle are not exempted to the health perils brought by the rainy season. With strong rains and flooding always knocking on our doors now, it’s the perfect time to start putting premium to your health to avoid the illnesses that come with the inclement weather. How can we fend off diseases now that the rainy season is in full swing? Here are the steps on how we can stay healthy despite the downpour.

  • Better living through chemistry

    They say the prevention is better than cure, and what better way to protect yourself from illnesses brought by the inclement weather than stuffing yourself with vitamins and minerals? For your natural dose of vitamins and minerals, you need to eat the right food and have a balanced diet for you to have enough nutrients in your body. To further boost your immune system, you need to take your daily dose of multivitamins too, especially if you have poor diet. By having a good nutritional regimen, you are building a good defense system against viruses that cause illnesses.

  • Spring clean for the May queen

    You may be happy when it rains, given the hot and humid climate we have in our country. However, little did you know that mosquitoes love to populate in places where stagnant water can be found. Once they’ve found a safe spot to breed, they will keep on multiplying and the next thing you know, mosquitoes carrying malaria and dengue fever are living with you. If you don’t want to spend several weeks in the hospital, you should start cleaning places where water tends to accumulate; mosquitoes love those places. Furthermore, clean up dark areas since they tend to live in places devoid of sunlight. A little spring cleaning will be your best prevention for mosquito-related diseases.

  • These boots are made for flooding

    Let’s face it: we have suffered more than enough floods due to changing climate, and there may be little to nothing the government can do to alleviate this situation. Until then, the best thing we can do during flooding is to protect ourselves. Since floodwater is infected with sewage water and animal waste, you need maximum protection from the dangers brought by floodwater. To start off, you need good rubber boots high enough to keep your feed dry even during intense flooding. Aside from that, you also need to carry extra set of clothes to prevent you from getting soaked. When boots are unavailable, wash your feet immediately with soap and water. Avoid self-medicating with Doxycycline after wading through the flood; health experts strongly warn against self-medication with antibiotics.

  • The umbrella academy

    Downpours tend to be more common as the year ends, and you better have handy protection for yourself as well as your belongings. To start off with your primary defense against the rain, you need a sturdy windproof umbrella that won’t break even during the strongest winds and gusts. Aside from umbrellas, you might want to pack a foldable raincoat that will fit even with your smallest bags. While they may look silly when worn and can cause a bit of mobility problem, it can protect you from rain. Getting a waterproof jacket for your bag can also help you protect your belongings from getting wet due to rain. It may be inconvenient to carry such device, but you’ll be thankful you’re carrying those items whenever you leave your work.

Prevention is better than cure, and we can all stay away from sickness due to the inclement weather when we protect ourselves. By becoming more proactive in keeping yourself in the pink of health, you can protect you, your family, and your finances from suffering in case you get sick.