Free Annual Fee For Life When You Apply For An HSBC Credit Card Online

This love month, here’s something that will make you believe in forever and happy-ever-afters.

HSBC is offering waived annual fees for life for applicants who apply for a new primary HSBC Credit Card. Simply apply online until December 31, 2022 and enjoy perennially free annual fees.

The promo is open to all applicants who apply for the following HSBC Credit Cards:

  • HSBC Red Mastercard
  • Gold Visa Cash Back
  • Platinum Visa

To avail of the Free Annual Fee for Life Acquisition Promo, simply fulfill these three conditions:

  • Apply to HSBC for the first time. You need to have an existing credit card from other banks for at least a year. You can’t have an existing or cancelled HSBC Credit Card.
  • You must apply online. You need to apply for your card either through or eCompareMo.
  • You must apply during the promo period, until December 31, 2019.

Take note that the free annual fee for life benefit is non-transferable. It also cannot be converted or exchanged for cash, credit, benefit, advantage, or property.

This promo also cannot be availed in conjunction with other ongoing HSBC credit card acquisition promos.

Start the new year right and experience the joy cashless shopping convenience–with no annual fees. Get yourself an HSBC Credit Card today.

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