Five Health Tips For Dads To Make Sure You Stay Fit And Fab

Being a super dad might be the toughest job of them all. Aside from working eight hours a day as a provider for the family, fathers also have to constantly look over the needs and wants of their family–even in sleep. With the demands of being a father, a provider, and a role model consistently challenging all the dads in the world, they often neglect one important aspect that holds them all together like glue: their own bodies. With this topic at hand, how can dads keep their health in check despite the insurmountable challenges they face each day.

Do not avoid your scheduled screening tests

Annual screening exams exist for a reason: they regularly check to see if there are changes in your body–positive or otherwise. As you age, these medical tests, screenings, and other exams become more important as they give you an overview of what’s happening in your body. Aside from giving you a summary report of your well-being state, the results can also help the doctors see if you need some pre-emptive measures to help you avoid certain diseases in the future. There’s a reason why it’s called scheduled, and after all, these tests only happen in a year.

Heed your body’s warnings

Sometimes, you tend to get caught with your responsibilities, and it’s perfectly fine; after all, the challenges faced by dads each day just keep on coming wave after wave. Because of the unending duties you face day in day out, you tend to forget that your body is only as good as its ability to deliver. If you don’t listen to simple signs such as shortness of breath after simple tasks, aching joints, and other telltale signs that there’s something wrong with your body, then it might escalate to something to something more serious such as diseases, injuries, and other ailments in the future. Remember, prevention is better than cure, and when your body starts to moan and groan, listen to it.

Exercise–and eat the right food

You’ve probably heard a lot of magazines, newspapers, books, and TV shows tell you that having an active lifestyle is good for your body. In fact, you may have heard this countless times already. Even a simple 20-minute jog in the morning or a brisk walk on your way to the office can help you keep your body active. With exercise, you can ward off certain diseases and other injuries simply by staying active. Partner that with a well-balanced diet and you can become a super blob to super dad in no time. When you do this, it can create ripples in your family and also encourage them to follow the same healthy lifestyle you’re enjoying.

Catch some sleep if you can

Whoever said that sleep is for the weak must be very weak by now. For fathers who have to keep up with their duties 24/7, sleep is their best friend. Aside from allowing your body to recover after a day’s worth of beating, sleep allows you to rest your mind so you can think straight the next day and become more efficient in all of your activities. Aside from getting enough sleep, try to get some power nap in the office. Research shows that taking a power nap can enhance your focus and make you a better performer. Sleep is good for your body; never let anyone tell otherwise.

Moderate alcohol consumption

Sometimes, it’s tempting to pop a bottle or two of a stiff drink after a hard day’s work, cap the night off and then go to sleep. While moderate alcohol consumption of alcoholic substances like wine and beer have positive effects in your body. However, going to an alcoholic binge every night can shorten your trip to the hospital because of cirrhosis. Also, have we mentioned that regular heavy drinking is expensive, and you can use that money instead to buy necessary household items?

Let’s face it: dads, you are not supermen, and your bodies can only withstand so much battering. However, you can at least keep yourself and your body ready to the challenges facing today’s fathers. Just take care of yourself and you can do your responsibilities without any hurdles.