UPDATE: Expect Heavier Traffic On Commonwealth Avenue Amid Closure Of Tandang Sora Flyover

UPDATE: The closure of the Tandang Sora flyover has been postponed till March 1.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is warning motorists to expect heavier traffic on Commonwealth Avenue due to the closure of the Tandang Sora flyover.

The closure was originally supposed to start this Saturday, February 23, but the MMDA is postponing it after requests were made by Congress and the Quezon City local city council.

The flyover is set to be demolished to pave way for the construction of a portion of the Metro Rail Transit Line 7 (MRT-7) in the area. The Tandang Sora station, as well as other facilities like an elevated guideway and a pocket track, are expected to rise in the area.

Tandang Sora Flyover Closed

“The closure will last for the next two years, affecting more than 100,000 motorists traveling along Commonwealth Avenue and 2,000 to 3,000 motorists using the Tandang Sora intersection daily,” said MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia.

In a new statement, the Department of Transportation (DOTr stated that the closure will be postponed to help residents, commuters, and motorists who will be affected make the necessary adjustments.

We take this postponement as a period to strengthen public awareness and cooperation for the project, as this would give individuals and agencies ample time to prepare and manage the traffic situation in the area,” the DOTr said

With the demolition of the flyover, not only that the vehicles traversing Commonwealth Avenue will be affected. Those who are using the Tandang Sora-Commonwealth intersection will also experience inconvenience in their travels.

Closed circuit

How does the MMDA plan to reroute the motorists affected by the closure of the Tandang Sora flyover?

Although the intersection will be closed, the MMDA will open two U-turn slots to aid people who are about to suffer from the said closure. There will be two temporary U-turn slots for motorists: one is near CW Home Depot and the other just right across Microtel at UP Technohub.

If you’re one of the people who use the said portion of Commonwealth Avenue, then expect the following changes to your usual drive:

  • Vehicles coming from Katipunan Avenue can either use the C-5 flyover to Luzon Avenue, then turn left to Congressional Avenue Extension until they reach Tandang Sora Avenue. Going the other way around is also possible using this route.
  • Alternately, they can exit Katipunan Avenue through the service road leading to Commonwealth Avenue. From there, they can make their way to the temporary U-turn slot in front of MC Home Depot and enter Tandang Sora Avenue.
  • For drivers coming from Tandang Sora Avenue to Katipunan, they use the U-turn slot in front of Microtel and then turn right to the portion of Tandang Sora Avenue that leads to Katipunan Avenue.
Image Source: MMDA | Rappler

Terrible twos

Garcia said that more than 100,000 motorists will be affected by the chokepoint.

The MMDA proposed that an elevated U-turn slot similar to the ones erected near the Buting intersection on Carlos P. Garcia Avenue will help decongest the flow of vehicles in the area.

“I have instructed Director Noemie to visit the site and study where the elevated U-turn can be erected,” Garcia said, referring to MMDA-Traffic Discipline Office director Neomie Recio.

Garcia estimated that an elevated U-turn slot made of steel can be completed within three months.

“While waiting for the construction of the elevated U-turn slot, motorists have to use temporary U-turn slot in the area,” Garcia said.

The MMDA will deploy 154 officers along Commonwealth Avenue to assist motorists during the more congested times. In addition, around 100 officers from the Quezon City government’s traffic division will also aid drivers playing the highway.

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