A Comparison Of Dengue Insurance Products In The Philippines

There are a number of insurance plans available in the Philippines that offer financial protection from health problems, accidents, and death. They vary with the types of packages they offer, from a single plan to comprehensive ones.

In the Philippines, we’re lucky to have more specific types of insurances that provide coverages for common illnesses our country like dengue.

The following dengue insurance products are fairly new, but they have already provided health care assistance and reimbursements to dengue patients.

Have a look at a comparison of dengue insurance plans and see which one fits your budget, for a healthier, more secure 2018.

1. Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance

BDO Insurance Brokers Inc., in partnership with Pioneer Insurance, offers MediCash Dengue Insurance. It provides P10,000 lumpsum cash assistance for the insured upon dengue diagnosis. The insured is already covered even without hospitalization.

The starting rate is P350, and individuals ages one (1) to seventy (70) years old are eligible to apply for the insurance. The coverage period is one (1) year from the insurance effective date. A fifteen-day waiting period applies from the effective date.

2. Fortune Insurance Mosquitronella

Fortune’s Dengue Insurance, Mosquitronella, was introduced in July 2017. It costs P350 for an annual coverage. Mosquitronella provides P10,000 lumpsum cash assistance for treatment and hospitalization of insured patients with either Dengue, Chikungunya, or Zika. It also provides P10,000 cash assistance in the event of death.

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Individuals aged one (1) to seventy (70) years old are eligible to avail of Mosquitronella. Note that there is a waiting period of fifteen days (15) from the effective date of the dengue insurance.

3. Philcare Dengue Assist

Philcare has been a long-standing healthcare provider in the country. They have expanded their products to provide a more specific type of insurance for dengue patients, with Dengue Assist. At P599, this single-use voucher may be purchased online and grants the insured P30,000 coverage on dengue hospitalization expenses. It covers room and board, diagnostic procedures, and medical supplies. A P10,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage is also available.

Individuals eighteen (18) to sixty-four (64) years old are eligible to obtain the Dengue Assist insurance. The voucher is valid for one year, with thirty (30) days waiting period.

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4. AsianLife Dengue Insurance

AsianLife Dengue Insurance covers P30,000 lump sum cash reimbursement for insured dengue patients. The annual premium varies per age, starting at P600 for individuals aged zero (0) to seventeen (17); P150 for adults ages eighteen (18) to sixty-five (65), with a family package of P1,200 for two (2) parents and three (3) children. The coverage is valid for up to two (2) incidences per year.

The medical reimbursements include physician’s fees, hospitalization, medical supplies, and diagnostic procedures and medications. After the insurance effective date, there is a thirty (30) days waiting period before it becomes valid. This dengue insurance is available online, and more details are provided on eCompareMo.com’s website.