What Happens If You Don’t Have a Car Insurance in the Philippines?

You can drive a car around without insurance. But the real question is: should you?

By Kevin Joshua Ng

Did you know that a survey found out that 77% of drivers were involved in at least one car accident? And that on average, a person can will be in three to four car accidents during a lifetime. There’s almost no indication when an accident can happen to you, but your odds increase the moment you get in a vehicle. That’s why it’s always better to be insured than not.

But the situation nowadays when car insurance might be seen as just an additional expense and not a requirement, this question begs to be asked: should you drive without car insurance in the Philippines?

Driving without any kind of insurance is irresponsible.

Yes, you can drive without car insurance–but you shouldn’t because it’s irresponsible. Why? When you drive, you’re sharing the road with hundreds of drivers and passengers. One moment gone wrong can create chaos that puts people’s lives in danger. While this is an inescapable fact, being prepared for it by having car insurance saves you a lot of hassle in terms of expenses and liabilities. Car insurance serves as security and protection not just for you but for everybody on the road as well.

Whether you have a comprehensive car insurance or CTPL, you have to have at least a CTPL or both to get that peace of mind.

CTPL (Compulsory Third-Party Liability insurance) is mandated by law.

There are various reasons why you should not even try to drive your car without some kind of car insurance. Penalties and punishments can vary in severity–from fines and suspension of driver’s license to criminal offense. It’s not farfetched to say that driving without car insurance doesn’t come with severe repercussions.

You probably know, as a car owner, that CTPL is mandated by law. You can’t register a vehicle without it and you shouldn’t drive a car that’s not registered or else suffer the consequences.

CTPL is mandated because it covers the financial obligations to everyone involved in an accident excluding you. Without it, you have to shoulder the expenses of repair and replacement.

Without comprehensive car insurance, you’ll never be financially protected from “Acts of God”.

Another thing car owners frequently disregard or underrate with comprehensive car insurance is the protection it provides from damages caused by natural calamities known as Acts of God or Nature.

If your car gets flooded, a situation that’s possible especially here in the Philippines, you can at least get some financial relief if you have and Acts of God/Nature coverage with your car insurance. In addition to this, if you have an add-on that lets you enjoy towing assistance if your car is rendered inoperable due to natural calamities, then you won’t have any problems sending your vehicle to the repair shop. You’ll thank yourself for the convenience you’re enjoying because of your comprehensive car insurance.

Yes, technically you can drive your car without car insurance. But for your sake, don’t. In these hard times, don’t give yourself more troubles to deal with. Take out unnecessary stress from the equation by applying for a CTPL first, then a comprehensive car insurance now.