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Good for every need or dream. With HSBC's Personal Loan, you can borrow for tuition, vacation, hospitalization, home renovation, car upgrade, or any other personal need. Turn your life's aspirations into reality.

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HSBC Personal Loan
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HSBC Personal Loan

  • If you want nothing but friendly loan terms of up to 36 months, HSBC Advance Personal Loan can help you get fast and secure loan for all your needs. With HSBC Advance Personal Loan, you can get a loan from PHP30,000.00 to PHP500,000.00. The minimum annual salary required is only PHP168,000.00.

HSBC Housing Loans

With HSBC's global expertise, we understand your needs and how we can best serve you. Part of our services includes helping you find the best financial tools to purchase, build, renovate your dream home or refinance your existing home loan.

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