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Your safety while driving on the road is very apprehensive that's why having an auto insurance is a must-have for every driver - Fortune General Car Insurance has you and your wheels covered. Avail cheap comprehensive auto insurance coverage all year-round to protect your valuable car from any unfortunate mishaps such as collision or crash, accidental damages, explosion, theft, storm and protection from any malicious damages, while you are on the road. Secure your safety first, get Fortune General car insurance quotes online for free with eCompareMo.

Fortune Gen

Enjoy Quality Car Insurance Coverage with Fortune Gen Insurance Provides Quality Protection At Affordable Price. Free Online Auto Insurance Quotes. Apply Now!


Vehicle Use
Allow Custom Retail:
Allow Customer Fleet:
Allow Foreigners:

Cover Details and Options

Cover Type Vehicle Type Minimum Insured Value Maximum Insured Value Maximum Vehicle Age
Comprehensive Sedan PHP0.00 PHP10,000,000.00 12
Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) Sedan PHP0.00 PHP100,000.00 12
Comprehensive SUV, AUV, Van, Pickup PHP0.00 PHP10,000,000.00 12
Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) Bus PHP0.00 PHP100,000.00 12
Comprehensive Bus PHP0.00 PHP10,000,000.00 12
Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) SUV, AUV, Van, Pickup PHP0.00 PHP100,000.00 12

Covered Risks

Risk Type Included in Basic Cover Deductible
Own Damage/ Theft Additional Premium N/A
Acts of Nature Additional Premium N/A
Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion Additional Premium N/A
Compulsory Third Party Liability Additional Premium N/A

Product Advantages and Limitations

Accepts up to 12-year old cars


Fee Type Fixed Fee Range Premium Percentage
Documentary Stamps PHP0.00-PHP20,000,000.00 0.12500%
Value Added Tax PHP0.00-PHP20,000,000.00 0.12000%
Local Government Tax PHP0.00-PHP20,000,000.00 0.00200%

Paid Add-Ons

Add On Type Cover Deductible Text
Personal Accident N/A N/A
Roadside Assistance N/A N/A
Voluntary Third Party Liability - Property Damage PHP250,000.00 N/A


Most common requirements to apply for a Fortune General Insurance Corporation

You need to submit the following documents for the processing of your Fortune Gen Car Insurance application:

  • Name of the car owner (must be registered) found in the COR (Certificate of Registration). If not available, the full name of the buyer stated in the deed of sale
  • Address of the vehicle owner
  • Make, Type, Model of the car body, Year Model
  • Motor, Body, Engine Number, Serial, Chassis Number, Plate Number
  • Body color of the car
  • Usage of the vehicle (private or commercial)
  • Auto Coverage whether compulsory third-party liability or CTPL, comprehensive with acts of nature or without acts of nature)

What Shall I Do If I Need To File A Car Insurance Claim with Fortune General Insurance Corporation?

In case you meet an accident while you're driving and you want to file for a claim, you must be report directly to Fortune General Insurance with the following particulars:

  • Name of the driver and registered owner of the car
  • Car owner address and phone numbers
  • Photocopy of Vehicle's Registration and Official Receipt
  • Driver's License and Official Receipt (photocopy)
  • Auto insurance policy(photocopy)
  • Brand/Type of the car and plate Number

FortuneGen Car Insurance might ask you to complete an original copy of duly accomplished and notarized affidavit or police report about the vehicular accident stating the exact time of the incident occurred, or even the weather conditions. Don't forget to take photo damage and take note of any personal harm involve.

What to consider when choosing a car insurance policy from Fortune General Insurance Corporation?

When we talk about auto insurance, we only want the best, and a policy that will cover us in case we get involve in any accident, but we don't want to pay more than we have to. When you're looking for a vehicle insurance with Fortune General Insurance, you must understand the coverages and benefits included in the auto insurance plan, consider the amount of coverage you need and your current budget and carefully decide whether you need to escalate your limits to cover your resources.

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