BPI vs BDO Credit Card

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    Max Patriano
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    BPI vs BDO Credit Card


    I currently own a Citibank master card and I want to have another credit card (visa card) as a back-up. Do you have any recommendation?

    I heard that BPI doesn’t have a visa card and they are not generous in terms of giving a high credit limit. How about BDO?

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    Regan Almarinez
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    Hi, I recommend you apply for a BPI credit card. I own one and I’m happy with it. I like how they compute their interest charges which are based on cut-off dates compared to other credit card providers that compute based on your purchase date. Another thing is that if you wish to use it abroad, it has a better conversion rate. And since I own a BPI deposit account, I can pay my bills hassle-free via BPI Express Online.

    Hope this help. :)

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    Fiona Madrigal
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    I never really had a nagging issue with BPI. I’m so content I never had a need to talk to some of their CSRs, that’s how great they are. Also, a very important factor I love most about them is normally my depositors are waived of the interbranch charge. Definitely, big savings.Also, BPI is a huge bank with plenty of services to offer to anyone.

    I actually also own a BDO accounts but I see them simply as a comfort to receive cash after usual banking hours/ times. Or when I can’t stand to keep supplemental income – staying away from temptation, I even deposit extras from my purchasing to the mall branch.

    BDO is also the best with regards to convenience because of their long banking hours, easy enrollment to internet banking, friendly staff and incredibly efficient customer support. Phone/Mobile banking is great, they have individual personnel handling for each and every kind of client, even you are a walk in client they will assist you properly.

    For a standard worker like me the variations between the 2 banks is minimal.Just do your own assessment to see which provides services that match you best. Well, you don’t benefit from all the solutions they provide any way.

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