BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

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    Vero Guest

    BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

    Hello world! :)

    I got a question on how can I know my status of my bpi credit card application?

    I applied to them 1st week of April. Got an initial interview 2 weeks ago after submitting all my requirements and they told me that they will notify me once my credit card application has been approve by bpi. However, it’s been 2 weeks now, I never heard from them again. Do I need to call the bank to know my status of my credit card application? Or where can I contact them?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Kendra Guest

    Reply To: BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

    Since you already submitted all the neccessary requirements to them, usually it will only take 5-7 banking days to process your credit card application to bpi. If within 2 weeks time you haven’t heard anything from them, expect that your application is already denied.

    You can call their hotline (89-100) or if your outside Metro Manila, you can reach them via 1-800-188-89100 (PLDT).
    A piece of advice, just apply to other banks instead of waiting since you stated that it’s been 2 weeks since the last time you talk with them. From what I know, Eastwest bank and Metrobank have a higher rate of credit card approval, but of course it will depend on your qualifications (e.g. salary, work tenure, and other factors).

    This site provide a comparison portal of credit cards in the Philippines. You can check this link -> https://www.ecomparemo.com/credit-card. Just choose what type of card you want to apply for, then hit the “compare” button or you can use the cc wizard found below the widget. There is a form on the left side corner of your screen, just fill it up and it will automatically send you results based on what you type in on the eligibility fields.

    I already tried it and it is very useful and helpful. It gave me the results, just what I needed. There is also a rating for each credit cards so it will help you decide if it is a good fit for you or not. It also indicate the annual fee and the monthly interest per year. Once you already decide what credit card you want to get, there is a “contact me” button. They will call you immediately to assist you with the application process which I find it very convenient since I don’t need to call the bank and apply. And oh, one more thing, in case you are rejected by your preferred bank, they will call you back and update you about it and will give you other options to ensure that your credit card application will be successful. Actually, I just got my first ever credit card with the help of them, it’s a Toyota Mastercard. :)

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    Megan Alvarez
    Megan Alvarez Guest

    Reply To: BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry


    I received a text from BPI dated August 4, 2015. Here’s what it say “Congratulations! Your BPI Express Credit Card application has been approved. Your card will be delivered in 5 days. For inquiries, pls call 89-100”.

    It’s been almost 2 weeks, but until now I haven’t receive my card yet. I place my office address in the mailing address. I already called the said number and they said that I should refer to the courier. I tried to asked the customer service rep. to check which courier they let them delivered my card so I can call them instead of waiting, but they don’t provide it to me.

    My question now is, which courier does BPI have?

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    Joyce Mauricio
    Joyce Mauricio Guest

    Reply To: BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

    It also happened to me and it took more than a month before I received my credit card from BPI, I get it directly from the branch. I volunteered myself to avoid further delay and anticipation. :(

    I suggest to call them again. One of the possible reason why your card is not yet deliver to you is because they have the wrong address of your office. Based from my experience, they got the incorrect address of my office that’s why it bounce back to the bank. Or someone else receive it on your behalf. Maybe the guard or receptionist, so better ask them as well.

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    Christina Olvinada
    Christina Olvinada Guest

    Reply To: BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

    CC Application status

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    ECompareMo Keymaster

    Reply To: BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

    If in case you’re still wondering why they haven’t call you back or heard from them after few days of submitting all the required documents, this maybe because your credit card application is already denied. In case of disapproval, most of the times BPI or any other credit card providers in the Philippines don’t provide any reason or they don’t have any obligation to explain such decision.

    There are a lot of factors that might contribute to the rejection and approval of one’s application:

    1. Your have a bad credit score standing (this will greatly affect your chances of approval so make sure you have no bad credit history to any banks or lenders)
    2. Your monthly income is not enough (bpi and most banks required at least a minimum of P15,000/month)
    3. Your personal information is inaccurate (if deemed necessary, they may request for additional documents to support your application)

    Here are some tips to ensure that your bpi credit card application process will run smoothly:

    1. Assess yourself and check all their eligibility requirements, whether you’ll be qualified or not
    2. Make sure that you fill out all the necessary details/information in the application form correctly
    3. You must submit all the documents they needed for a smoother application process
    4. Patience is the key. It make take some time before they will give you a call to verify your credit card application. Just give yourself a timeline, after which you can assume that you’ve been denied

    Pro Tips:

    If you have a good credit score/standing, it would be easier for you to apply, and the application process will be faster. Or sometimes, if you hold an account with BPI or in any other banks in the Philippines, they probably offer you a pre-approved card.

    Want to apply for a BPI credit card? Let us help you. Chat with us now or give us a call (02 919-6776) and we will guide you every step of the way.

    You can also use our credit card comparison widget for free to check which BPI credit card suits you best.

    eCompareMo.com Credit Card

    Need a Credit Card? Get the best deal here.

    Low Interest Rate or Low Annual Fee? There’s one suited specifically for you.

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    K Guest

    Reply To: BPI Credit Card Application Status Inquiry

    No text or email notification if approved. But the credit card account is already reflected on my savings account. What does it mean?

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