How can i check the status of my credit card application in BDO?

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    Darlyn Soliman
    Darlyn Soliman Guest

    How can i check the status of my credit card application in BDO?

    Hi All,

    So, I applied for a BDO credit card last Thursday and submitted all the necessary documents to their branch, and I haven’t heard anything from them yet. I know it’s too early to expect for a call, but I would like to know their process. I mean how long do they process their credit card applications. Will it take a week or so for the verification of all the documents that I forwarded to them? Or how can I know if my application is rejected or accepted?

    Please guide me. Looking forward to your replies. Your help is well appreciated.


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    Hello Darlyn!

    If you’ve apply for a BDO credit card and still waiting to hear from BDO about the status of your application and you’re tired of waiting, there is a chance that your credit card application is denied or rejected by them. If you haven’t call them, maybe this is the right time to speak to the provider involved.

    In the normal process of credit cards, card applications can take in between 3 to 5 working days, by the end of which successful applicants can expect to receive their cards. While people who apply for BDO credit cards can at least expect an answer regarding their application’s status, the delay in finding out causes stress for many. Here’s some tips, tricks some helpful information that might help shed some light on the issue.

    What responses can I expect when applying for a BDO credit card?

    Instant approval

    With online applications, many credit card providers inform applicants on the applications’ status almost immediately. Credit card requirements can vary in one bank to another, although almost every credit cards provider identifies an applicant’s credit score. By providing all of the required information, you can anticipate instant approval.

    Conditional approval

    If you get conditional approval from BDO or to any other banks, it only means that they need to verify information you’ve provided before accepting your credit card application. In that scenario, you may have to supply personal information like your home address, or any other related documents; payslips, COE (certificate of employment), 2 vaild id’s and such.

    Credit Card Application via Referral

    If your credit card application is under referral, the banks basically requires more time to carry out further assessments before giving you a conclusive answer.

    Application not approved

    The reason behind why banks decline credit card application is because you haven’t met their requirements. Such factors could include insufficient income, poor creditworthiness, and unstable employment.

    Why is my BDO credit card application taking so long?

    If your credit card application from BDO is taking longer than usual to process, it could be owing to one of these factors:

    – Lack of information provided
    – They deal with a large number of credit card applications
    – They misplaced your application form (which rarely happen)
    – Worst case scenario, your application is rejected (oftentimes banks won’t tell you the reason behind the decline of your application, if that’s the case, you can’t do anything about it)

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