INFOGRAPHIC: The Cost Of Wedding In The Philippines

Finding your forever doesn’t come cheap. While the wedding may be the first expensive day you’ll have as a couple, it is important that you and your partner both have an idea on how expensive weddings can be. And with enough luck and preparation, you can financially prepare for that grand day. Here are the things you need to prepare for your big walk down the altar.

The Paperwork

Birth Certificate                      P140

Certificate of No Marriage    P195

Marriage License                   P320

Baptismal and Confirmation Certificate with “for marriage purposes” seal from your respective parish.

The Ceremony

Church                                    P10,000 and up

Officiating priest                   P1,000 to P2,000

Wedding ring                         P10,000 and up

Wedding attire                      P30,000 and up

Hair and makeup                  P10,000 and up

Photo/video coverage          P20,000 and up

Invitations                              P150 and up per head

The Reception

Buffet                                      P500 and up per head

Drinks                                     P10,000 and up

Emcee                                     P2,000 and up

Performers                            P5,000 and up


Lights and sounds                P15,000 and up

Wedding cake                        P3,500 and up

Hotel room for guests          P2,000 and up

Tips on how to save money on your wedding day

1. Keep it simple.  Instead of being grand, go for something unique.

2. Plan your guest list carefully. Keep it intimate

3. Get a family or friend to help organize the wedding with you.

4. Save up for your wedding.  Do not borrow everything just for the ceremony.

5. Make it dutch, if possible.  Remember, it takes two to tango. –Dino Mari Testa