BDO Auto loan

Apply for a BDO Auto Loan to help you achieve your dream car whether brand new or pre-owned cars with flexible payment terms. Fast car loan processing and guaranteed low rates. All in financing is also available, plus you can earn BDO reward points.

BDO Auto loan

Get The Cheapest Car Loan Rates With BDO Auto Loan. Flixible Payment Term, Fast And Easy Application Online! Apply Now!


Product Name:
BDO Auto loan
Apply now for a BDO Auto Loan
Minimum Amount of Loan:
Maximum Amount of Loan:
Minimum Loan Tenure:
3 years
Maximum Loan Tenure:
5 years
Early Repayment:
Vehicle Insurance Included
Accepts Third Party Vehicle Insurance:
Accepts Third Party Credit Insurance:
Does Not Require Credit Insurance:
Payment Options:
You can pay either through Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA), Post Dated Checks, or Over the counter at any BDO Branches
Application Approval Time:
As fast as 1 day processing

Eligibility and Requirements

Age Range of Borrower:
21-70 years
Minimum Annual Income:
Income Requirement Remarks:
Minimum gross monthly income required PHP50,000.00 per month
Employment Work Status
Employed - Private Sector for 2 years
Employed - Government for 2 years
Self - Employed for 2 years
Professional for 2 years
Employed - BPO for 2 years
Employed - OFW/Seafarer for 2 years
Applicant Must Have A Landline Phone at Home or Office:
Need to Open Linked Bank Account:
Guarantor Requirements:
Collateral Requirements:

Vehicle Types and Loan Purpose

Eligible Vehicle Types:
Asian Utility Vehicle
Sports Utility vehicle
Light Commercial Vehicle
Vehicle Loan Proceeds Can Be Used For:
Purchase of Brand New Car
Use Owned Vehicle as Collateral for Loan
Reimbursement of Purchased Car

Interest Rates Offered

Interest for Fixed Period Interest Rate Per Year: Effective Interest Rate Fixed Period:
Interest rate for 3 years 10.69%
Interest rate for 4 years 10.78%
Interest rate for 5 years 10.93%


What are the general requirements needed for BDO auto loan application?

  • Applicant must be 21-70 years old (not exceeding 70 years old upon loan maturity), Filipino or Foreign based Filipino, with gross family income of PHP 50,000.00, Employed/Self-employed for at least 2 years, with good credit standing. Filipinos, or former Filipinos with or without dual citizenship, or Filipinos married to foreigners, or Foreign-based Filipinos/OFW and their beneficiaries. At least 2 years continuous employment abroad.

Note: In case the remitter is not in the country at the time of application, the beneficiary will act as the borrower. The beneficiary must be living or working within BDO serviceable area.

What are the required documents to apply for BDO car loan?

  • Fully accomplished and signed application form
  • Income Documents

If locally employed:

  • Latest Income Tax Return or BIR Form 2316 or latest payslip
  • Certificate of Employment with compensation details
  • Additional for Foreigners, current employment contract

If self-employed or owns a business:

  • Photocopy of Certificate of Business Registration
  • Latest Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years with latest ITR
  • Proof of other income if available
  • Latest 3 months bank statements

Corporation and Partnership:

  • Complete corporate papers (SEC Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation, By-laws)
  • Secretary’s Certificate / Partnership Resolution (using BDO format)
  • Latest Audited FS for the last 2 years with latest ITR
  • Additional covenant form for signature


  • PDCs/ADA Instruction if mode of payment is Debit to Account
  • Chattel Mortgage Fees
  • Insurance Policy with OR of Premium Payment


  • Proof of Remittance for the last 3 months
  • Latest Crew Contract, if sea based
  • Consularized Certificate of Employment with Income (COEI) or latest three (3) months payslips

What is the minimum loan amount and required down payment for BDO auto loan application? Is there a minimum loan term?

Brand New Car:

  • Minimum starts at PHP 100,000.00
  • Up to 80% of vehicle selling price
  • Minimum down payment is 20% of vehicle selling price
  • Tenure: Minimum of 12 months, maximum of 72 months

Used Car:

  • Minimum down payment is 30% of vehicle's appraised value
  • Tenure: Minimum of 12 months, maximum of 48 months

What is the minimum salary required to apply for BDO car loan?

  • Applicant must have a gross family income of PHP 50,000.00. For OFWs, applicant must have a gross family income of PHP 50,000.00 or its US dollar equivalent.

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