Smart Traveller

Smart Traveller helps you prepare for unexpected events. Get the right policy that fits you and your budget.

Smart Traveller

Generate your insurance certificate in 3 easy steps and get protection

Things to Know Before you Apply

Check the following eligibility criteria before applying for our travel insurance.

  • The policy is for international travel and the country of origin should be the Philippines.
  • You can purchase the policy at least a day before your departure.
  • Can be purchased up to 6 months in advance.
  • The latest you can buy your travel insurance is 6 hours before your trip.
  • Insured must have any of these valid Philippine identification documents :
    • Birth Certificate
    • Employment Pass
    • Work Permit
    • Long Term Visa Pass
    • Dependent Pass
    • Student Pass
  • Adult
    • Atleast 18 years old or up to 70 years old at start of the trip.
  • Child
    • An unmarried and unemployed person under 17 years old, or up to 25 years old if still studying full-time during the policy period.
    • As defined under Philippine law, your legal heirs will be considered as beneficiary should you fail to designate beneficiary in the online form.

    Travel due to medical treatment and cosmetic surgery abroad will not be covered.

    If you have more than one travel policy with AXA for the same trip, only the policy with the highest benefit will apply.